AyeTides and AyeTides XL show the tides and currents for over 12,000 locations around the world*.

AyeTides and AyeTides XL give you the day’s tides as tables and interactive graphs. See what the tides are doing next week or next year. See sun rise, moon rise, etc., and how the tides respond to the moon. All this is on your Apple™ iPhone™, iPod™, or iPad™, and best yet, no network connection is needed!

Sail Magazine gives AyeTides and AyeTides XL 5 out of 5 stars! Read the full review: sailmagazine reviewed ayetides

for the iPhone and iPod touch: AyeTides

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for the iPad: AyeTides XL

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A little humor about the importance of checking the tides: http://www.gocomics.com/nonsequitur/2013/01/27#mutable_880802

If you need to contact us
Unfortunately, due to a huge increase in spam, we've disabled the contact form on the website. You'll need to use the contact email feature that is in AyeTides and AyeTides XL to reach us.

But what about Android?
Ah, Android. We get this question a lot, but unfortunately our answer will not make you happy. At this time we don’t have any plans to port our app to the Android platform. We’re tied in quite heavily to Apple’s way of doing things, and to convert over to Java (the native Android language) is a very significant and time-consuming challenge, a challenge we are not in a position to attempt at this time. And to be honest, we don’t think much of Android: the security is abysmal, the range of devices is unfathomable, and piracy is rampant. In our judgement, we can’t make a go of it there. So we’re holding off for now, waiting to see if things improve.

Here is a Google® Earth™ file containing the locations of all our stations.

Helpful note: tides vs currents

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* 12,286, to be exact