AyeTides XL has several lists you can use to select stations. The first of these is the list at the bottom of the main view. This list contains either the recently-opened stations or the favorites stations, depending on which preference you select. This list is convenient as it shows you the value of the tide/current as well as the trend.

The second list that you’re likely to use is the list of stations currently in the active region (see below). This list appears automatically when the Internet is unavailable. This list, as with the others, shows any favorite station (
), and can show the stations sorted alphabetically (as shown) or by distance from the center of the map.

Even when the Internet is unavailable you can switch to the Map. It will warn you that updates are not available, but any cached map tiles will be there. This lets you pre-load the region you’re interested in at home, and then view that region while away on the boat.

The other lists are accessed from the ‘
Stations List’ button.