The preferences in AyeTides XL are separated into three groups:
General settings
  • Automatically show the last opened station when you launch AyeTides XL
  • Skip the dialog that asks if you want to open the station or add it to favorites. When selected, this immediately opens the station
  • Indicate the favorite stations. If you don’t like the blue stars on the lists, this will turn them off
  • Display stations on the main view’s list from either Recent or Favorites list
Station display settings
  • Use GMT instead of the local time zone
  • Show or hide the little event icons that tell you if it’s a high tide, a moon rise, etc.
Global settings
  • Set the default tide units, overriding whatever the database has for the tide station
  • Similarly, override the databases’ currents units
  • Set the displayed position format to degrees, degrees and minutes, or degrees, minutes and seconds (obscure I know, but still relevant)