There are 4 lists under Find A Station

Alphabetically is as stated, an alphabetical listing of all the stations in AyeTides. You can search this list by tapping the search button.

Geographically is a list of regions of the world, organized into groups. These groups are either countries or states, depending on how many stations fall into the region. This list remembers the last region from which you selected a station, so you can go back to that region quickly. Hitting “Cancel” takes you back to the start of the regions.

The Nearest list is based upon either your location (as determined by the GPS) or by a location you enter. The distance from the location to the station is shown, as is the direction.

Finally, the Recents list is the last 50 stations you’ve viewed. This list can be reordered by tapping ‘Edit’. If you change the top three, then the Recents list on the Main view is changed as well. However, the next time you open a station, that one will be first and the others will be shuffled down.

On all the lists, favorite stations are shown by the star ().

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