Duplicate Delaware River Currents stations?

You may have noticed that recently we've added new stations along the Delaware River. These are all currents stations, and have nearly identical names and locations as other stations. In fact, the only difference is the name, which has (NOAA) in it.

These stations have been recently updated by NOAA, but the harbor pilots in that region don't agree with the new predictions. They say the old predictions are much more accurate, and so every time we touch these stations, we get emails about how we are now wrong, even though we match NOAA. So we decided to have both! The (NOAA) stations match the new NOAA predictions, while the others match what the harbor pilots say is actually happening on the water.

Normally we defer to NOAA, but when you have experienced pilots telling us that NOAA is wrong, well, we are not going to decide which is right and which is wrong. We give you the choice as to whom to believe. Personally I'd look at both stations, and then look at the water and what the boat is doing, and then trust the one that fits your needs.

Safe boating!

AyeTides station update

It's been a while since we've posted any news, because we've been busy with a many-months-long update to the database. Nearly every station has been updated with new data, or has been verified to have valid parameters. It's taken us a long time but we now have over 12,500 stations! Look for the update soon, as well as new app icon, new layout, better use of colors, and more!

Quick update

It's been a while hasn't it? We've been busy updating the database (a work still in progress) but in the meantime we've come out with a few updates.

AyeTides XL has fixes for the alphabetical list not opening a station after you filter on a name, fixed the 'open' button in the station map so that it opens the other station, fixed a crashing bug in the french localization, and we made the calendar show you the date.

AyeTides has fixes to the iPad (although we would rather people use AyeTides XL on the iPad, you can run AyeTides on it too), and fixed a problem on the iPhone 6+ that made the screen not show the graph.

Future updates will have the ability to share favorite stations between devices, possibly a new icon, and a new color scheme too.

Nothing new

Nothing new to report. All's quiet here, looks like the last updates have been good for everyone.

AyeTides XL 2.2.10

Hello! Apple has approved the update to AyeTides XL. V2.2.10 fixes the problem with stations not loading properly under 2.2.9. Please update as soon as possible. We've also improved the map when it loads annotations, and updated the database. Enjoy!

Serious problem

We've gotten a lot of reports for AyeTides XL 2.2.9 that the stations won't open. We are aware of and have fixed this problem. We don’t know what exactly is going on, but a system object that was there for us before is no longer there. We don’t know if Apple broke something in the latest iOS release, but we blame ourselves for not checking to see if the object was there or not. Because the code wasn’t finding the object, the security code was activated and app went into a protected mode.

We’ve sent the fixed version to Apple but it’ll be a week or so before they approve it (they’re terribly slow up there). In the meanwhile, if you delete the app from the iPad and reinstall it, either from your computer or by going to the App Store app and selected the “Purchased” tab, then you can get running again. This is not a long-term fix, as the problem will occur again. But it may last long enough for Apple to get the new version approved.

We apologize for the inconvenience. We’ve been working hard the last several days to get this new version out as quickly as we can. At this point we are just waiting on Apple… 

New updates

We've updated AyeTides and AyeTides XL to fix some problems that occurred with the last updates. We've fixed problems with AyeTides XL not showing stations, and with AyeTides where changing the units would screw up the graph.

We're getting ready for another round of updates that fix problems with subordinate stations that are in different time zones than their reference stations, fixes a problem on AyeTides XL when setting a marker line on a few currents stations, and adding the ability to send events to the Calendar. We're also thinking about adding an Apple Watch glance, but we're still thinking about how to best lay out the (extremely limited) view.

All is well again!

Apple has approved the update to v 2.2.7 which fixes problems with the calendar view, integration issues with iNavX and SEAiq, and random crashes caused by some hard-to-find multithreading issues.

We goofed up

We must admit to a major goof-up. We switched the calendar in AyeTides XL from a single page to a collection view, and implemented a multi-threaded method for computing and displaying the dates. Unfortunately the code had a few bugs in it, and our tests didn't find them until too late.

We have egg all over our faces here.

We've fixed the problem and will be submitting an update to Apple, as soon as our now expanded pool of testers can give us feedback to know that the race conditions and redraw problems are resolved. We think this will be within a day or two, and then Apple will take their usual week or 10 days to get to it.

We apologize for any inconvenience while we resolve this frustration.

AyeTides approved, AyeTides XL is next

Apple has approved the latest update to AyeTides (see the previous entry for details) and now we've submitted AyeTides XL with similar fixes. What a week!

Waiting for Apple...

We're waiting for Apple to approve the latest update to AyeTides, which fixes a problem with the scale not changing when the range of tides changes, and also a new database with more stations. We're up to over 12,000 stations and more are coming! Hopefully Apple will get to the update soon, but they do seem to be getting slower about approving things. Sigh.

Bug fixes

We've been busy updating Mr. Tides but we haven't forgotten AyeTides. We have updates planned for both AyeTides and AyeTides XL. Fortunately they are minor updates, to fix some display issues when the scale changes. We're also looking into adding Handoff capability so Mr. Tides can talk to AyeTides and vice versa, figuring out a way to exchange favorites between devices, along with a change to favorites to possibly add a folder hierarchy. We're still working out the kinks on that one.

Another week, another update!

We found a bug in AyeTides that caused the list of nearby stations to crash if you selected a station. We’ve fixed this bug and sent the update to Apple.

We’ve also fixed a display issue on the graph with some substations, improved the animation of the graph when switching days, and updated the database.

Now, onto Mr. Tides and Yosemite!


The new v 3.2.0 is out finally! Took Apple 2 days after saying it was ready for sale, for it to finally show up in iTunes. I’ve never had this much of a wait before.

On the bad side, well, people with 6+’s are saying the display is messed up. It’s a layout issue that didn’t show up in testing or with our beta users. Sigh. But I was already working on 3.2.1 so I’ll add this to the To Do list :)

iOS 8

We’ve submitted new builds to Apple for both AyeTides and AyeTides XL for iOS 8 and the new iPhone 6 and 6 Plus. Apple is still working on them, but they’re swamped with updates so it might take a few days.

On the 6 we show more information, on the 6 Plus we’ve redone the view so it shows the graph as well as the day’s events, all in one view. Check it out!


Updated AyeTides

Hi! We’ve been approved by Apple for the latest release of AyeTides, which fixed a few bugs and includes the updated database. It should be available in iTunes for you to download now!

Recently we’ve been busy working with iOS 8 to get AyeTides & AyeTides XL ready for the new OS and the new iPhone 6/6+. iOS 8 changes things a bit, especially with the larger screen of the iPhone 6+, and we’re working hard on getting a new release out there for all of you who are lucky enough to get the new phone. It’ll be a few days before we’re ready to send the update to Apple, and then they have to approve it, but be patient! A new build will be coming soon.

DB updating

We’re working on the NOAA stations and updating all of them to the latest data. This is taking a long time, but it will be worth it.

We’ve also fixed a couple of bugs in the code, and when the update is done we’ll be sending the new version to Apple.

As a side note, here’s a great article on what it takes to sometimes find an obscure bug in code:

Bck again!

We’ve been very busy with other projects, and we apologize for not posting more regularly. Seems like time just flew by!

We’ve sent in several updates to AyeTides and AyeTides XL over the past few months, fixing display problems with some currents stations, fixing a problem of not showing event icons and then trying to print or email the events, fixed problems with the marker line messing up the list of events, and more.

We’re currently working on a big update to the database, confirming all the NOAA stations (and there are a lot of them!). We’re still working on this, it’ll be a few weeks before it’s ready. Then we’ll post the update to the web and tell you how to download it.

Future plans for AyeTides and AyeTides XL include the ability to share favorites between devices (a great way to restore your favorites to a new device too), a way to save favorites to your computer, and with OS X 10.10 and iOS 8 on the horizon, we’re looking into how to link AyeTides with Mr. Tides so that you can look at a station on the computer, and then look at the same station on the iPhone or iPad. We might even be able to link favorites between the Mac and the device. We’re not sure about all the new stuff Apple is coming up with, but we’re busy watching the WWDC videos and starting to use OS X 10.10 a little, and it looks good!


Still waiting for Apple to review the apps and get the new updates to you. I hate waiting!

In the meanwhile I’m working on Mr. Tides, to get v 4.1.0 out the door. I’m pretty close, just lots of testing to do :)

AyeTides XL 2.1.0 -> Bad bad bad

Please don’t download AyeTides XL 2.1.0, it has a nasty bug in it that causes the tides to not display. We’ve fixed the bug and submitted an emergency update to Apple.

Argh I hate when these things happen!

AyeTides 3.1.2

AyeTides 3.1.2 has been approved by Apple! This build adds a log file and fixes a few bugs with selecting stations from the main view’s list.

AyeTides 3.1.1 issues

Hi! We’re tracking an issue with AyeTides 3.1.1 where the station list on the main view can’t be used to open a station. We know what’s going on and will be sending an update to Apple today that fixes the problem. For some reason a part of the security code was invoked, and locked out certain functions. We’re not sure why it got invoked, and the code involved wasn’t critical, so we’ve removed it.

AyeTides 3.1.1 is available

AyeTides 3.1.1 has been approved by Apple and resolves the issues introduced by v3.1.0.

We apologize for the inconvenience, and thank Apple for expediting the review of 3.1.1.

Problems with AyeTides 3.1.0

Well, Apple just approved AyeTides v3.1.0 and someone has reported a problem with it exiting upon launch. We’re investigating and we did find one bug with iOS 6 and the month view that doesn’t show up on iOS 7, but that’s not the problem reported to us. We’re still waiting for more information from the user, but in the meanwhile if you encounter a problem, please use the contact page to send us a note right away. We’d like to figure this out quickly and get another update to Apple as soon as possible.

Argh, why don’t these things ever show up in testing???

thank you Apple!

We’ve come across Apple’s UIActivityViewController and now our hand-made “Print or Email” dialog in AyeTides XL is gone, replaced with Apple’s way of integrating social media into the app. Now we can do Facebook as well as email and printing! Not sure if we’ll support Twitter or Weibo (whatever that is) but now we have, with little work on our part, Facebook integration! Amazing.

This is delaying our submittal of AyeTides XL to the App Store, but we’ll get on track for that soon.

AyeTides 3.1.0

I’ve sent the latest release of AyeTides, version 3.1.0, to Apple for approval. This build adds 2 new time zones (for Brazil and Indonesia), updates the database with additional stations, adds a calendar as the date picker, has new event icons and a way to quickly access the favorites from the main day view.

Now on to AyeTides XL and Mr. Tides! Work never ceases around here :)

Update Feb. 3rd

Release of AyeTides XL has been delayed as we investigate a bug we recently found that causes the list to be empty and the graph to have empty sections. We’ve got a good handle on the problem but it will delay the release a few days.

Update January 28th

I’ve checked with NOAA and several of the reference currents stations are no longer matching NOAA’s predictions, so I’ve requested their harmonics and will update the database once I receive the new data.

Otherwise, all we’re doing is trying to wrap up the next release of AyeTides so we can get it into your hands. So much fun!

Changes to AyeTides

This week we’re working on more updates to AyeTides. We’ve changed the date picking from a scroll wheel to a calendar, and have added the ability to see the favorites from within the station view. We’re thinking about making this a view that flows like Apple’s Safari web pages, which would look cool and actually be helpful too in a way. We’ll see if this makes the final cut or not, it’s a lot of work to get right. We need to make the decision on when to stop with coding and get the update to Apple, and then to you!

Updates to the website

We’re updating the web site and trying to do a weekly news entry so that you can see what’s happening here.

We’re working on an update to AyeTides and AyeTides XL for the new iPhone 5s and the new iPads that enables 64-bit mode. Mainly this will speed up the application, and position us better for future changes from Apple. We’ve not seen any issues with moving to 64 bit mode while still supporting the older iPhones and iPads, and that’s very nice!

We’ve had a report that the Manzanillo, Mexico datum is too high. We’ve downloaded the latest data from GLOSS and adjusted the datum, and now we match the French SHOM website.

We’ve had two requests for more stations in Indonesia, Thailand, and Malaysia. We’ve looked for stations in those areas and have come up blank. Either the data isn’t published or the correlations between secondary stations and reference stations can’t be determined. We’re continuing to look but we don’t hold out much hope at this point.

Finally, we’ve had a report that Second Pass, British Columbia currents is way off from published documents. We’ve looked into this and although we match NOAA and the Canadian Hydrographic Service (CHS) website for currents, they don’t match the published currents calendar from another part of the CHS. Curious! We’re stuck between the two governments, but since the published calendar is (or should be) the official source, we’ve decided we have to withdraw Second Pass from the database. Canada no longer publishes their data nor their harmonics, and without data we cannot make our own harmonics, so we are left with the choice to either continue with known bad predictions, or drop the station. We’ve decided to do the latter. Sorry to all our users who want Second Pass, but we have no choice at this point.