April 2015

We goofed up

We must admit to a major goof-up. We switched the calendar in AyeTides XL from a single page to a collection view, and implemented a multi-threaded method for computing and displaying the dates. Unfortunately the code had a few bugs in it, and our tests didn't find them until too late.

We have egg all over our faces here.

We've fixed the problem and will be submitting an update to Apple, as soon as our now expanded pool of testers can give us feedback to know that the race conditions and redraw problems are resolved. We think this will be within a day or two, and then Apple will take their usual week or 10 days to get to it.

We apologize for any inconvenience while we resolve this frustration.

AyeTides approved, AyeTides XL is next

Apple has approved the latest update to AyeTides (see the previous entry for details) and now we've submitted AyeTides XL with similar fixes. What a week!

Waiting for Apple...

We're waiting for Apple to approve the latest update to AyeTides, which fixes a problem with the scale not changing when the range of tides changes, and also a new database with more stations. We're up to over 12,000 stations and more are coming! Hopefully Apple will get to the update soon, but they do seem to be getting slower about approving things. Sigh.