February 2014

AyeTides 3.1.1 is available

AyeTides 3.1.1 has been approved by Apple and resolves the issues introduced by v3.1.0.

We apologize for the inconvenience, and thank Apple for expediting the review of 3.1.1.

Problems with AyeTides 3.1.0

Well, Apple just approved AyeTides v3.1.0 and someone has reported a problem with it exiting upon launch. We’re investigating and we did find one bug with iOS 6 and the month view that doesn’t show up on iOS 7, but that’s not the problem reported to us. We’re still waiting for more information from the user, but in the meanwhile if you encounter a problem, please use the contact page to send us a note right away. We’d like to figure this out quickly and get another update to Apple as soon as possible.

Argh, why don’t these things ever show up in testing???

thank you Apple!

We’ve come across Apple’s UIActivityViewController and now our hand-made “Print or Email” dialog in AyeTides XL is gone, replaced with Apple’s way of integrating social media into the app. Now we can do Facebook as well as email and printing! Not sure if we’ll support Twitter or Weibo (whatever that is) but now we have, with little work on our part, Facebook integration! Amazing.

This is delaying our submittal of AyeTides XL to the App Store, but we’ll get on track for that soon.

AyeTides 3.1.0

I’ve sent the latest release of AyeTides, version 3.1.0, to Apple for approval. This build adds 2 new time zones (for Brazil and Indonesia), updates the database with additional stations, adds a calendar as the date picker, has new event icons and a way to quickly access the favorites from the main day view.

Now on to AyeTides XL and Mr. Tides! Work never ceases around here :)

Update Feb. 3rd

Release of AyeTides XL has been delayed as we investigate a bug we recently found that causes the list to be empty and the graph to have empty sections. We’ve got a good handle on the problem but it will delay the release a few days.