February 2018

Duplicate Delaware River Currents stations?

You may have noticed that recently we've added new stations along the Delaware River. These are all currents stations, and have nearly identical names and locations as other stations. In fact, the only difference is the name, which has (NOAA) in it.

These stations have been recently updated by NOAA, but the harbor pilots in that region don't agree with the new predictions. They say the old predictions are much more accurate, and so every time we touch these stations, we get emails about how we are now wrong, even though we match NOAA. So we decided to have both! The (NOAA) stations match the new NOAA predictions, while the others match what the harbor pilots say is actually happening on the water.

Normally we defer to NOAA, but when you have experienced pilots telling us that NOAA is wrong, well, we are not going to decide which is right and which is wrong. We give you the choice as to whom to believe. Personally I'd look at both stations, and then look at the water and what the boat is doing, and then trust the one that fits your needs.

Safe boating!