January 2014

Update January 28th

I’ve checked with NOAA and several of the reference currents stations are no longer matching NOAA’s predictions, so I’ve requested their harmonics and will update the database once I receive the new data.

Otherwise, all we’re doing is trying to wrap up the next release of AyeTides so we can get it into your hands. So much fun!

Changes to AyeTides

This week we’re working on more updates to AyeTides. We’ve changed the date picking from a scroll wheel to a calendar, and have added the ability to see the favorites from within the station view. We’re thinking about making this a view that flows like Apple’s Safari web pages, which would look cool and actually be helpful too in a way. We’ll see if this makes the final cut or not, it’s a lot of work to get right. We need to make the decision on when to stop with coding and get the update to Apple, and then to you!

Updates to the website

We’re updating the web site and trying to do a weekly news entry so that you can see what’s happening here.

We’re working on an update to AyeTides and AyeTides XL for the new iPhone 5s and the new iPads that enables 64-bit mode. Mainly this will speed up the application, and position us better for future changes from Apple. We’ve not seen any issues with moving to 64 bit mode while still supporting the older iPhones and iPads, and that’s very nice!

We’ve had a report that the Manzanillo, Mexico datum is too high. We’ve downloaded the latest data from GLOSS and adjusted the datum, and now we match the French SHOM website.

We’ve had two requests for more stations in Indonesia, Thailand, and Malaysia. We’ve looked for stations in those areas and have come up blank. Either the data isn’t published or the correlations between secondary stations and reference stations can’t be determined. We’re continuing to look but we don’t hold out much hope at this point.

Finally, we’ve had a report that Second Pass, British Columbia currents is way off from published documents. We’ve looked into this and although we match NOAA and the Canadian Hydrographic Service (CHS) website for currents, they don’t match the published currents calendar from another part of the CHS. Curious! We’re stuck between the two governments, but since the published calendar is (or should be) the official source, we’ve decided we have to withdraw Second Pass from the database. Canada no longer publishes their data nor their harmonics, and without data we cannot make our own harmonics, so we are left with the choice to either continue with known bad predictions, or drop the station. We’ve decided to do the latter. Sorry to all our users who want Second Pass, but we have no choice at this point.