July 2015

AyeTides XL 2.2.10

Hello! Apple has approved the update to AyeTides XL. V2.2.10 fixes the problem with stations not loading properly under 2.2.9. Please update as soon as possible. We've also improved the map when it loads annotations, and updated the database. Enjoy!

Serious problem

We've gotten a lot of reports for AyeTides XL 2.2.9 that the stations won't open. We are aware of and have fixed this problem. We don’t know what exactly is going on, but a system object that was there for us before is no longer there. We don’t know if Apple broke something in the latest iOS release, but we blame ourselves for not checking to see if the object was there or not. Because the code wasn’t finding the object, the security code was activated and app went into a protected mode.

We’ve sent the fixed version to Apple but it’ll be a week or so before they approve it (they’re terribly slow up there). In the meanwhile, if you delete the app from the iPad and reinstall it, either from your computer or by going to the App Store app and selected the “Purchased” tab, then you can get running again. This is not a long-term fix, as the problem will occur again. But it may last long enough for Apple to get the new version approved.

We apologize for the inconvenience. We’ve been working hard the last several days to get this new version out as quickly as we can. At this point we are just waiting on Apple…