March 2014


Still waiting for Apple to review the apps and get the new updates to you. I hate waiting!

In the meanwhile I’m working on Mr. Tides, to get v 4.1.0 out the door. I’m pretty close, just lots of testing to do :)

AyeTides XL 2.1.0 -> Bad bad bad

Please don’t download AyeTides XL 2.1.0, it has a nasty bug in it that causes the tides to not display. We’ve fixed the bug and submitted an emergency update to Apple.

Argh I hate when these things happen!

AyeTides 3.1.2

AyeTides 3.1.2 has been approved by Apple! This build adds a log file and fixes a few bugs with selecting stations from the main view’s list.

AyeTides 3.1.1 issues

Hi! We’re tracking an issue with AyeTides 3.1.1 where the station list on the main view can’t be used to open a station. We know what’s going on and will be sending an update to Apple today that fixes the problem. For some reason a part of the security code was invoked, and locked out certain functions. We’re not sure why it got invoked, and the code involved wasn’t critical, so we’ve removed it.