October 2014

Another week, another update!

We found a bug in AyeTides that caused the list of nearby stations to crash if you selected a station. We’ve fixed this bug and sent the update to Apple.

We’ve also fixed a display issue on the graph with some substations, improved the animation of the graph when switching days, and updated the database.

Now, onto Mr. Tides and Yosemite!


The new v 3.2.0 is out finally! Took Apple 2 days after saying it was ready for sale, for it to finally show up in iTunes. I’ve never had this much of a wait before.

On the bad side, well, people with 6+’s are saying the display is messed up. It’s a layout issue that didn’t show up in testing or with our beta users. Sigh. But I was already working on 3.2.1 so I’ll add this to the To Do list :)