Preferences in AyeTides are divided into 3 sections: General, Station, and Other

General settings include whether the last open station is reopened when AyeTides is launched; whether a dialog that asks if you want to open the station or add it to favorites is skipped and the station is just opened; whether favorite stations are marked by a star in the various Find lists; and whether the favorite station is opened when you tap on it, or if it asks if you want to remove it from Favorites.

Station settings include whether the curve is filled with colors showing the state of the tide or current; whether the time zone used is GMT or the station’s time zone; whether you see the sun and moon rise and set times in relation to when the tides occur (if you turn this off, the times are moved to the station information screen); and whether the station event list shows little icons indicating if it’s a high tide, a flood current, sun rise, moon phase, etc.

Other settings include defaults for newly opened stations’ units, and how the position of stations and locations are displayed.