A reoccurring question is the difference between tide stations and current (tidal stream) stations. AyeTides does display data from current stations, but the two station types are distinct. Tide stations do not show currents, and current stations do not show tides.

Think of the difference this way. Tide stations measure the depth of the water at a location, irrespective of how fast the water is moving past that point. All the tide station cares about is the depth. A current station, on the other hand, is only concerned with the speed and direction of the movement of the water. Measurements can be taken at different depths, but for our purposes the one closest to the surface is the one we are using.

You can have a tide station measuring a large change in the depth of the water, even while a current station next door measures no current at all. Alternatively, a tide station can have no change in depth while the nearby current is running hard. It all depends on where the water is coming from and where it’s going to.

In AyeTides current stations are shown in the lists in italics, and you can use the Alphabetical list to search on just the word “Current” to see them all.

And at all times remember, the two station types are separate and distinct.