Tides Everywhere!

Tides Everywhere!

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A little humor about the importance of checking the tides: Non-Sequiter comic strip

AyeTides is our primary application suite. It's available on iPhone, iPad, and the Mac running MacOS 10.11 or greater. Click on the image for more information.

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    Designed for the iPhone, AyeTides shows the tides in a compact format.

    A graph of the day's tides is available, by rotating the phone to landscape.

    We have both tides and currents stations in our database. Currents are limited to North America, with a few in Europe.
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    AyeTides XL is our iPad application. It uses the larger screen to show two day's worth of tides and the graph.

    Rotating the iPad brings up a calendar view, the days of which provide additional information.

    Station selection is via a map, or via lists of stations.
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    AyeTides for the Mac is our oldest, and yet also our youngest product. It is the follow-on to Mr. Tides, which we produced in 1999.

    AyeTides has tabbed windows, the day view, a calendar, a list of the events, a map for selecting stations, printing, exporting events, and more.