Tides Everywhere!

Tides Everywhere!

AyeTides for the Mac calculates tides and currents predictions on the Mac(™).

Long ago we created the original version of our tide program, Mr. Tides. Over time Mr. Tides became AyeTides for the iPhone and then AyeTides XL for the iPad. Now, we are coming full circle by creating AyeTides for the Mac. It's Mr. Tides, brought up to the latest frameworks and standards, but with even more goodies, like tabbed views and Dark Mode.

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This is a typical tide station as displayed on the Mac. There is a wealth of information displayed at a glance. You can see the rising and falling of the tides, the sunrise and sunset times, the moon times (and the relative amount of the moon that is lit), the current value of the tide, and the chart datum.

We use a tabbed view to show multiple stations, or you can select to have each station in its own window.

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The tide calendar shows the month. The current date is highlighted in red. You can see the when the moon phase is, and clicking on any day will open the Day view to that date.

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The Text view shows the month's events. You can set the view to show an entire year's worth of tides. You can easily find the maximum and minimum events in the Summary.