Custom Mac and iOS Software since 2008

Custom Mac and iOS Software since 2008

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The way to find a station is via the Find menu and its submenus.

The Alphabetical, Geographical, Nearby Stations, and Recently Opened options are all lists of stations. The Alphabetical list can be searched and sorted, while Recently Opened can be edited to remove unwanted stations.

From the Map shows an Apple map (if the network is available) which contains the stations (see below for an example).

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The Map view, showing tide stations (the diamond with a T), currents stations (diamonds with a C), and clusters of stations, where there are more than one near that location. The number gives the count of stations.

You can search via the Location button by latitude and longitude, or by a name. Using the name option requires the internet, and can give odd results.

Using the GPS will zoom in to your current location.